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  • Custom molded for each pistol model
  • Ideal for polymer frame handguns with no replacement grips available
  • Made from Pachmayr Decelerator material
  • Grip Gloves deliver enhanced control and will absorb recoil for your semi-auto
  • Custom fit feels like an extension of your handgun grip
  • The ultra-soft, ultra-stretchy material makes installation a snap
  • No trimming, no need for soap and water
  • Distinctive ventilated side panels and finger grooves provide more instinctive gun orientation and a professional look
  • Tactical Grip Gloves are the only Slip-Ons that fit like a glove.
  • Small, Medium, and Large Option Available
    • SMALL GRIP FITS KAHR: P380, PM9, PM40, CW380, CM40, CM9
    • MEDIUM GRIP FITS KAHR: P9, P40, PM45, CT380, CW9, CW40, CM45
    • LARGE GRIP FITS KAHR: P45, CW45, TP9, TP45, CT40, CT45