About KAHR Firearms Group

Kahr Firearms Group, formed in 2012, includes Kahr Arms, Auto-Ordnance and Magnum Research.  Kahr Firearms Group headquarters and manufacturing are based in Greeley, Pennsylvania.

Kahr Arms was founded in 1995 by CEO, Justin Moon, when he designed and produced the first Kahr K9 pistol.  All Kahr Arms products are proudly made in the USA.

Auto-Ordnance, the maker of the famous "Tommy Gun", was bought by Kahr Arms in 1999.  Auto-Ordnance operations and production occur in Greeley, Pennsylvania.  All Auto-Ordnance products are proudly made in the USA.
Magnum Research Inc., designer and producer of the world renown Desert Eagle Pistol, was purchased by Kahr Arms in 2010.  Magnum Research is located in Pillager, Minnesota.


A Letter from the Owner: Justin Moon

For over 25 years, Kahr Firearms Group has been dedicated to the art of producing exceptional American made firearms. Beginning with the original K9 pistol in 1995, Kahr has focused on providing American shooters with accurate, durable, reliable, and fun firearms. The exercise of our fundamental freedom to keep and bear arms is near and dear to all of the staff at Kahr Firearms Group. This has driven Kahr’s efforts to provide Americans with safe, high quality firearms that allow enjoyment of that freedom in many exciting ways. From Kahr Firearms comes a range of practical, concealable pistols. From Magnum Research we offer guns with unrivaled power and precision. From Auto-Ordnance we created a range of historical firearms honoring our nation’s history. Our family of brands truly has a gun for every shooter. Kahr Firearms Group exists to ensure Americans can fully exercise their fundamental liberty enshrined in the Second Amendment, and enjoy themselves while doing so!

Semi-automatic firearms are in common use for lawful purposes and are protected by the Second Amendment. Kahr's devotion to the Second Amendment has led the company to become actively involved in preserving America’s liberty. The decision to move manufacturing away from states that infringe on those rights was a direct statement of our resolve. Kahr’s leadership has become active in political efforts to preserve not just the Second Amendment, but all the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution. American shooters can be confident that they have a partner in the Kahr Firearms Group, who will stand firm for freedom and the American way of life. This is our history, and we are proud to be a part of America’s history.

As the founder and owner of Kahr Firearms Group, I want to personally thank our customers for over 25 years of patronage and support! Without our customers, we would not be able to continue providing accurate and reliable products. We remain devoted to the needs of our customers, and will continue providing them exceptional firearms for many years to come. We will continue to stand for freedom and the right to keep and bear arms!

Gratefully yours,

Justin Moon
Founder, and CEO
Kahr Firearms Group

Justin Moon