Thigh High Holster

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Don't let your right to bear arms interfere with the freedom to express your feminine style. DeSantis?? introduces every woman??s new secret weapon: the??Thigh High?? holster. This intimate-wear thigh holster is a ??must have?? for the fashion-conscious female firearm enthusiast looking to add dresses and skirts to her concealed carry wardrobe. And for the woman who likes to keep her secrets concealed, the??Thigh High??s????slim design will never betray the fact that she is carrying. Date night can be all night as the soft neoprene construction offers hours of custom-fit comfort with just about any small frame revolver or auto. A tight Velcro seal and twin garter straps ensure the firearm stays in place. The DeSantis??Thigh High??: your personal security down to the last detail. Available in right han only.