M1 Carbine, Matte Black Finish w/ 15rd Magazine

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Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbines, Walnut Stock

Walnut stock and handguard (shipped with 15 round magazine)

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The Auto-Ordnance M1 .30 Caliber carbine is produced in Kahr's state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Worcester, MA. The Auto-Ordnance carbines are produced using newly manufactured parts on high precision computerized machinery.

Markings include the following: Auto-Ordnance, Worcester, MA behind the rear sight; U.S. Carbine, Cal. 30 ML on the receiver in front of the bolt and the serial number is engraved on the left side of the receiver.

Not legal to sell in certain states. However, local laws may also prohibit this firearm. Please check with your local law enforcement agencies.

*Disclaimer: Colors vary between batches. As with original military rifles, the upper handguard on the M1 Carbine varies in the dimensions and exact shape of the wood on each firearm. The groove in the top of the handguard may not be perfectly centered. As a result, when viewed in relation to the sights, it may create the appearance that the sights are not aligned straight. This is an optical illusion caused by the tilt and cut of the upper handguard. All M1 Carbine sights are properly aligned when installed at the factory.

Caliber .30 Caliber .30 Caliber
Barrel 18" 18"
Weight 5.4 lbs 5 lbs. 6 oz.
Length 35 3/4" overall 35 3/4" overall, 25 3/4" (Folded)
Construction Black Oxide steel receiver, wood stock and handguard Walnut folding stock, wood handguard
Finish Black Oxide Black Oxide
Sight Blade front sight, flip style rear sight Blade front sight, flip style rear sight
Stock Walnut Walnut
Magazine One15 Shot stick (AOM130) / One10 Shot stick (AOM140) One 15 Shot stick
Warranty 1 year 1 year
* Specifications subject to change without notice

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  • 5

    Posted by Dr. Bob Thomas on Apr 13th 2024

    My girlfriend bought this for me on my 60th birthday. She had learned that my father carried an M1 Carbine as a radio tech for Gen. Patton on his way to rescue the 101st. He received a silver star for that action. Thinking that she was doing me a great service, AND having no other use for that $1,500 that the Government handed out because of Covid-19. Seemed it a "wise investment in our future". The one she purchased has engraving all over the stock of the different units that carried this weapon during WWII. It also has Gen Dwight D Eisenhower's letter to the groups on the invasion of D-Day. It is a beautiful reproduction of the original Carbine faithful in everyway. Faithful in all except for one. This thing can shoot! It is incredibly accurate out to 100 yards with iron sights. Add a red dot to it and I believe 250 would be an easy hold. HOWEVER, a red dot just doesn't look right mounted atop one of these. Critical Defense makes a highly effective round for the .30 caliber now with very impressive ballistics. For self-defense, it becomes an excellent choice. My girlfriend shoots it extremely well. So does my son, the Navy SEAL. When I pass, it will be interesting to find out who ends up with this and my Browning High Power. The two just make an excellent display case together. My "friends " tell me that my 1911A1 would be a better display choice, but the beauty of the Browning and the Auto-Ordance combination just cannot be beat. I have added a G.I.Sling that I found online, and a duel 15 round magazine pouch to attach to the butt. For some reason, the "authentic" replica of the mag pouch just will not fit on the stick. I suspect the seller of the "authentic" mag pouch. I have also added several 39 round "banana" mags to my kit. The mags from Auto-Ordance gave not failed to feed everything that I put in them. I highly recommend those compared to others you might find elsewhere. I started to compete with this rifle in some of the "old timer's" NRA matches. They now insist that I be disqualified because my rifle is not authentic! What they are trying not to say is that the $2,000 and $3,000 original M1 Carbines that they found stockpiled somewhere over seas just cannot shoot anywhere as near as well as this one. It is true. This rifle is much better made than the originals. Tight repeatable groups are easily possible with quality ammo. I personally derive no pleasure form a rifle manufactured by Singer Sewing Machines that rattles when you carry it and is lucky to make three inch groups on a day with no wind. This is my rifle. It out shoots, out looks, out preforms any of the others that show up to the range. And I see the looks on the owners faces when I continue to shoot half-dollar sized groups at 100 yards using iron sights when the best they seem to be able to do is to get 3 of 5 rounds into a 6 inch circle. Nice Job Auto-Ordance!

  • 5

    Posted by George Mellis on Apr 5th 2024

    I recently purchased this firearm (2 days ago). I was a little skeptical after watch the various YouTube videos on the failure to feed, miss fires, etc. I went to the range today and discharged 100 rounds and NO FAILURE TO FEED & NO MISS FIRES. The rifle is a excellent replica of the original and the workmanship was fantastic. I'm very, very pleased with my purchase!!

  • 5
    Love this gun.

    Posted by Dan on Apr 24th 2022

    I bought my M1 Carbine at a Big R over a year ago. I got the paratrooper model, and then bought the regular stock off the website where I got extremely lucky receiving a beautifully grained piece of walnut. I have had my Dad's M1 from the Korean conflict since I was 15, but decided to retire it for the most part. When I saw the Auto Ordinance M1 Carbine I the gun case my heart leaped and my credit card exploded. I decided to write this review after it’s third trip to the range. I drilled the bullseye incredibly easily at 50m, and then I used it to ring the gongs hanging at 200m fairly reliably, especially considering my crap eyesight. It is fun sitting in between all the AR people (I am one of them sometimes) banging the steel targets with my iron sights with my new/old school M1. If you love them you love them, and these are great new production M1 carbines.

  • 5
    A Classic Replica of WW2!

    Posted by Carl R. on Jan 6th 2022

    I've owned my M1 carbine from KAHR for approximately 4 years and use it as my primary choice ranch rifle against bobcats and cayotes! It also adds a special place on display with my 1903s and my M1 Garand! Functional current 15 & 30 round magazines competitively priced, are readily available on-line. The M1 carbine, a true brand-new replica of a classic carbine of WW2! If you enjoy shooting, do not settle for worn out museum originals with unknown part origins, wear and tear. You will be pleased to add this quality new classic replica to your collection with America pride!

  • 5
    Review of auto ordnance 30 carbine

    Posted by Johnnie Madar on Dec 4th 2020

    I bought my auto ordnance last year I have not had any problems with it it’s a great gun it’s not a Winchester or Underwood but it’s brand new it never jammed yet and it doesn’t cost as much as a WW2 Winchester or Underwood I have fired ww2 30 carbine’s if I was blindfolded I couldn’t tell you which is which. I will buy another auto ordnance when I save enough money for it good buy