AO1911 Mainspring Housing Pin

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Mainspring Housing Pin for all AO 1911 models,

1911TCAC1, 1911TCAC1N-Trump model

1911TCAC2, 1911TCAC2N- Trump #2 Model

1911TCAC3, 1911TCAC3N0 Trump #3 Model

1911TCAC4, 1911TCAC4 Trump #4 Model

1911TCAC14, 1911TCAC14N- Trump Classic model

1911TCAC5N, 1911TCAC5-United We Stand Models

1911TCAC6, 1911TCAC6N-Stainless Steel Model

1911TCAC12N- Trump Rally Cry Model

1911TCAC11N-Old Glory Special Edition Model


Disclaimer:*Made to fit only fit Auto Ordnance firearms made in Worcester, MA.