1927A-1 Deluxe Pistol, .45 Cal., Lightweight, 10.5" barrel with 100 round drum

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Thompson Lightweight Deluxe Pistol, 10.5" Barrel, Aluminum Receiver

Shipped with one 100 round drum magazine

Product Video: Thompson Rifles, Pistols and Accessories
Steel case ammo warning for Thompson Long Guns (PDF)

The Thompson Pistol, It Has Returned!
The Thompson 1927A-1 Deluxe Pistol TA5100D:

10.5" Barrel, Lightweight, .45 ACP with 100 round drum.
After a long hiatus and great demand, the Thompson Pistol has returned to the market! The Thompson Deluxe Pistol TA5100D is lightweight with a 10.5" barrel length and a walnut, horizontal foregrip. Included with the Thompson TA5100D is one of the most famous accessories, the 100 round Drum magazine. The authentic Drum is entirely U.S. manufactured to the specifications that are as close as possible to the original. A 30 round stick, 10 round and 50 round Drum magazine are optional.

Since 1999, Kahr Arms has been proud to support the legacy of the Auto-Ordnance Corporation, the original maker of the famous Thompson submachine gun. To ensure the historical accuracy of the Auto-Ordnance design, Kahr researched the original engineering drawings. Hundreds of U.S. military microfiche and hand drawings of the Thompson models dating back to 1919 were examined.

The Thompson submachine gun is a historical firearm. Each model is the union of original design, quality materials and fine workmanship. An American Legacy preserved. Thompson was carried by the gangsters in the 20's and trusted by the troops in WWII.; Find out how it feels to carry a piece of history before legislature and politics put this design back on the shelf.

Caliber .45 ACP
Barrel 10.5", 1-16 Right Hand Twist
Weight 5 lbs. 14.5 oz.
Length 23.3" overall
Sight Blade front, open rear adjustable (adjustable for elevation only)
Grips Walnut, Horizontal Foregrip
Magazine One 100 Round Drum Magazine
Warranty 1 year
* Specifications subject to change without notice