Kahr Firearms Group introduces the "Last Full Measure Project", providing firearm contributions to American veteran, active duty, law enforcement, and first responder focused non-profit charities.

Posted by Jodi DePorter on Nov 30th 2022

Every day, many Americans put themselves in harm's way, acting without fear or selfishness, to stand between the innocent and the evil, or in the face of natural disaster.  To these brave individuals, no thought is given of danger, reward, or gain of heroic accolades.  They simply do their duty, to their fellow Americans, and in many cases the price they pay is the last full measure of their devotion to serving others.  It is to these heroes that Kahr Firearms Group has chosen to make the company’s focus on charitable giving.  Beginning in 2023, Kahr introduces the “Last Full Measure Project”.  Through this initiative, Kahr Firearms Group expresses its thanks to these brave Americans.  The Last Full Measure Project makes available firearm donations for non-profit charitable organizations servicing American active duty, veterans, police, and first responders.  These items can be used by the recipients to raise funds to help heroes and their families in their time of need.