Kahr PM40 Theft Recovery

Posted by Jodi DePorter on Jan 4th 2023

One of our fans found out just how tough the Kahr PM40 is, when his pistol was stolen and thrown from a vehicle during a high speed pursuit! The result? It is a bit bruised, but his PM40 is still ready to run should the need arise for reliable, accurate self-defense. Check out the pictures, and drop by www.kahr.com to see our entire line of super tough, polymer framed compact handguns!


To whom it may concern, 

I am writing to you to thank Kahr for making such durable handguns as well as manufacturing in the USA! I have been the proud owner of a Kahr PM40 that I purchased for myself for my 25th birthday (2006). 

Unfortunately my firearm was stolen from my vehicle after a string of auto burglaries in the summer of 2021. I was recently informed by Texas DPS that my pistol was recovered when it was thrown from a stolen vehicle during a high speed pursuit. Not only was my pistol thrown from a moving vehicle but it was thrown over a freeway overpass and landed 40+ feet below on the concrete. 

Much to my surprise after receiving the firearm back from DPS the damage was minimal and it appears to be fully functional other than a broken magazine and a few scuffs. 

Please note, the rubber band grip was installed by the thief and will be removed promptly! 

Thank you again, 

Andrew from Texas