Kahr Firearms Group New Product Lineup for SHOT Show 2024!

Posted by Jodi DePorter on Jan 17th 2024

New Models for 2024!

Las Vegas, NV: Kahr Firearms Group’s booth 13627 is the place to be at SHOT Show 2024! Kahr Firearms, Magnum Research, and Auto-Ordnance staff will be present with our entire line of exciting firearms, including the famous Desert Eagle, and iconic Tommy Gun! 

New products to be introduced include the X9 double-stack 9mm pistol our fans have been waiting for! Other new guns include the Magnum Research Straight Pull Bolt Action Rimfire Rifle, and AR Tommy .45 caliber PCC! Previously announced models include the Victory Girls 1911, .360 Buckhammer BFR, Squadron 1911, Northern Lights 1911, Black Cherry 1911, and Northern Lights Baby Eagle III. 

A variety of customized firearms will be present, including the Trump Save America 1911, Bootlegger 1911, Commander in Chief AR10, Trump Save America Thompson, Steampunk Desert Eagle, Aloha Desert Eagle, Samurai Desert Eagle, Trump Promise Desert Eagle, Dueling Katanas Desert Eagle, Texas Rangers 1911, Deer Meat for Dinner BFR, Las Vegas Knights Custom AO 1911, Thor's Hammer BFR, Roaring Tommy, Spartan 1911, Outlaw New OMC Finish Gold Tommy Gun, and Black Sheep 1911. Kahr’s partners in custom designs for these firearms include Outlaw Ordnance, Koted Arms, Sinner Mass, Dark Alliance, and Iron Monkey Rifle Works.

The Kahr Firearms Group booth definitely has an exciting new lineup worth seeing, along with our many other legendary firearms!