45ACP Tommy Gun Drum Magazine, 10rd.

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A Thompson is just not a Thompson without the most famous accessory item ever - the Drum Magazine. The impressive look and feel of the Drum Magazines are unsurpassable.

  • Each authentic drum is entirely U.S. manufactured to the exact specifications as the originals.
  • The 10 Rd. and 50 Rd. drums have a diameter of 6-3/4" and 100 Rd. drum has a diameter of 8-3/4".
  • Each drum is shipped with a drum installation device (3rd hand).
  • Shipment Prohibited by law CT and NYC.
  • *Drum shipments require an adult signature*
  • Will only fit 1927-A1 Thompson models
  • Will fit Modern Thompson guns made in Worcester, MA and Greeley, PA.
  • Will NOT fit Thompson M1 models (Military version of Thompson-If it has a side charging handle then it is an Thompson M1 Model)
  • Will NOT fit Thompson guns made in West Hurley, NY or before 1990.