"200 Miles to Liberty" by P.A. Glaspy

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If you are a reader and like your novels action packed, check out author P.A. Glaspy’s latest installment of her “Perilous Miles” post apocalyptic fiction series: “200 Miles to Liberty”. Follow Major Damon Sorley as he travels a long and dangerous road to bring the president-elect safely to Washington, D.C. Her main characters will be returning, and this time so will one of our Kahr pistols, with “Amanda” using our Special Edition “Tig” ST9! The ST9 is compact enough for concealed carry, while offering our largest grip size for ease of shooting and extra magazine capacity. The Tig version features a custom Kryptek Typhon finish on the frame, with blackened stainless steel slide. Each gun has John “Tig” Tiegen’s signature, and Beyond the Battlefield Foundation logo on the slide. We are proud to be included in P.A. Glaspy’s exciting series of novels, and look forward to reading how our ST9 fairs after the end of the world! To get a copy of “200 Miles of Liberty” for yourself, visit her Amazon author page at https://www.amazon.com/P-A-Glaspy/e/B01H131TOE/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1. You may want to start with the book “300 Miles” to be sure you are up to speed on the story line. Grab one of her books and settle in for a very exciting journey across post apocalyptic America!