TRUGLO Tritium Front Night Sight for New Dovetail cut

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  • Front sight FOCUS • LOCK ring for even faster focus
  • Quick and accurate U-notch Design
  • Angled rear sight edge for emergency one-hand operation
  • Assembled in USA with quality Swiss Tritium for maximum brightness
  • Unmatched visibility in low-light shooting conditions or complete darkness
  • Utilizes quality Swiss tritium for maximum brightness
  • Glows-in-the-dark – no batteries or light exposure required
  • FORTRESS FINISH™ provides a permanent protective coating for maximum protection
  • Snag resistant design / fits standard holsters
  • For K, MK, P, PM, T and TP models with new dovetail (produced after 2004).

    *Disclaimer:We recommend that sight installation should be done with care on a non-marking, non-abrasive surface by a certified gunsmith.*

    * In order to provide warranty coverage, from the sight becoming loose or falling off. We recommend sending the firearm to us for sight installation, the warranty coverage for this service is one year.