Level 3 Plate Armor-Rifle

$184.99 - $408.99
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Ace Link Level 3 Armor

  • Ace Link Armor Level III Hard Armor Plates are available in 10x12" or 11x14" sizes.
  • Ultralight PE Hard Armor Plate.
  • Only 3.5 lbs Plate Defeating Rifle Threats Up To .308
  • Armor Plate thickness 0.90″
  • Body Armor Tested at NTS Chesapeake Laboratory.
  • Unique construction allows for neutral buoyancy. Ace Link Armor PE Level 3 plate will float when submerged under the water.
  • Extremely durable polyurea coating ensure ballistic material is protected from UV light and moisture even in the most harsh conditions.
  • 100% UHMW PE
  • plates come with 5 years full warranty from Ace Link Armor
  • Level 3 Hard Armor Plate from Ace Link Armor is capable of stopping multiple rifle rounds as per NIJ.06 level III - up to powerful 7.62x51 M80:

    • .223 cal
    • 7.62×51 M80