Horizontal Foregrip TM1, TA5 Stock Bundle

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Wood stock bundle for TM1 and TA5 series with Horizontal foregrip.

  • Horizontal Foregrip for TM1, TA5 series (Screw is not included)|
    It requires a short screw : 27-24-TM1;when it's converted from the vertical foregrip.;
  • Rear Grip for T1, T5, TM1, TA5 series
  • Buttstock Complete with All Metal for T1, T5, TM1 series
    Screws for Buttstock are Buttplate screw S (27-7-T1) and Buttplate screw L (27-6-T1) (both are already attached on buttstock)

Note:Colors may vary from picture as they are made of different batches of wood and each are handmade.

Disclaimer:*Made to fit only fit Auto Ordnance firearms made in Worcester, MA. Does NOT fit detachable models. Like original military rifles, wooden furniture varies in wood dimensions and tightness of fit on each firearm.  As a result, the size of the gap between the foregrip and barrel varies with each rifle.