BE Quick Release Belt Holster

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If you need to put on and take off a holster quickly, without having to remove your belt, this holster is more stable, secure and comfortable than a paddle holster. The flat, low profile of this design effectively conceals your gun. The holster contours to the shape of your hip and keeps your gun close to your body making it very comfortable for extended, all day concealed carry, even with large guns. It attaches to the belt with two loops positioned in front and behind the gun using two pairs of heavy-duty locking snap fasteners for added security. This set-up provides maximum stability and firm placement on your belt. Rides with a slight forward angle for a quick and smooth draw even while seated. Made of waterproof foam and rugged Cordura?? nylon. Optional adjustable thumb break Fits belts up to 1???? wide. Open muzzle design. Made in the USA. Notice: This holster is designed for maximum concealment, and is NOT intended for one-handed reholstering and should not be used for such applications.