Thompson M1 "Tommy Gun" .45 Cal., 10 round stick magazine

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Thompson M1, Semi-Automatic Carbine

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Shipped with one 10 round stick magazine

Steel case ammo warning for Thompson Long Guns (PDF)

Here is a .45 caliber semi-automatic version of the world's first and most famous military rifle. The Thompson M1 was used victoriously in battles throughout the world, inscribing its place for all times as a legend among military firearms. We offer the same attention to craftsmanship today that made the original so highly regarded. The look and feel are authentic, right down to the side bolt action. The frame and receiver are milled from solid steel or aluminum, the wood is genuine American walnut and the overall finish is a blued steel or black anodized aluminum.

Caliber .45 ACP
Barrel 16.5", Smooth
Weight 11.5 lbs.
Length 38" overall
Sight Blade front, fixed battle rear
Stock Walnut fixed stock and vertical foregrip
Magazine One 10 Round Stick Magazine
Warranty 1 year
* Specifications subject to change without notice