GEN2 Premium Series

Kahr GEN2 Premium Series


Kahr Premium pistols have established a reputation for accuracy and quality for 20 years. Some people have asked why are Kahr Premium pistols more expensive than competitive brands. At first glance, Kahr's Premium pistols look very similar to Kahr's Value pistols, but looks can be deceptive. Kahr Premium pistols are manufactured to the highest tolerances and use the highest quality materials.

Kahr Premium pistols have match grade polygonal rifled Walther Lothar barrels which produce unparalleled accuracy and increased muzzle velocity. Kahr premium slides are machined with more design detailing and are machined from one of the highest grades of stainless steel available for firearms. Small parts like the slide stop are machined from bar stock and many of the small internal components are plated with a high tech coating for easier cleaning and longer wear. All these features more than explains the price difference between our Premium pistols and Value pistols at the retail counter.

Our new Gen2 Premium series pistols have increased the value added on our Premium pistols to an even higher level. The tolerances are tightened, magazine catch release is reversible, serrations are machined in the front of slide, the trigger stroke has been shortened allowing for quicker firing rates with an integrated trigger safety, an accessory rail has been added on the frame and TruGlo® night sights on our Gen2 Premium pistols. In addition we are adding a 5 inch barrel and a 6 inch barrel with an integrated compensator to our TP Gen2 line. The 5 inch and 6 inch pistols will be optics ready featuring a Leupold® DeltaPoint™ red-dot sight. These additional features make the Kahr Gen2 Premium pistols unrivaled in accuracy among concealed carry handguns.

Kahr Premium Series Unrivaled in Accuracy.


GEN2 Premium Series Features



.45 ACP .40 S&W 9 MM
TP45 TP40 TP9
TP45 TP40 TP9
TP45 TP40 TP9
P45 P40 P9

Leupold Red Dot Optics Attachment Option with Tall SightsRed Dot Optics Attachment Option with Tall Sights