BFR Production


The BFR single action 5-shot stainless steel revolver frames are CNC machined inside and out from a “pre-heat treated” investment casting. This is done to prevent warping and dimensional changes or shifting that occurs during the heat treat process. The result is a dimensionally perfect-machined frame. Magnum Research designed the frame with large calibers and large recoil in mind. It is thicker in the front yoke and bottom and top strap than conventional single actions. The front of the frame has no base pin plunger or holes to weaken it. Both long and short frames are machined to accept Magnum's own scope base included with the revolver. 

The BFR grip frame is also CNC machine from an investment casting. It is one-piece stainless steel. It features a large trigger loop that is rounded in the back so it will not “bite” you with heavy recoiling calibers. The grip shape is similar to traditional single action revolvers and fills the hand nicely to help manage recoil. 

NOTE: BFR grip frames will not fit Ruger revolvers and Ruger grip frames will not fit the BFR. Black rubber grips are standard on production guns other grips are available online or from our Precision Center

CNC machined from heat-treated bar stock. BFR cylinders are extremely tough and accurate. Magnum has developed a proprietary process to drill and ream the chambers that insures perfect bore and cylinder alignment every time. Cartridge rims are countersunk into the rear of the cylinder on all calibers. They feature no flutes on production guns; see our Precision Center for flute options. 

BFR barrels on all production guns are stainless steel, round and un-tapered. Lengths are from 6.5-inches to 10-inches depending on caliber. They are deep cut rifled and the actual steel is re-sulferized and stress relieved. The plus here is an extremely consistent twist rate, internal dimension and finish. Bottom line is they shoot well and are easy to keep clean. They shoot lead bullets very well also. 

Transfer Bar — This is a safety feature that allows the BFR to be carried safely with all five chambers loaded. The transfer bar allows the revolver to fire ONLY after the hammer has been fully cocked and trigger pulled. If the revolver is dropped or the hammer slips while in the process of cocking it the gun will not accidentally discharge. 

Free Wheeling Cylinder — This feature allows the cylinder to rotate either direction when loading or unloading the revolver. 

Barrel Cylinder Gap — Held to .002 to .005 on production guns and .002 and under on Precision Center guns. 

Base Pin — Manufactured by Magnum and bomb proof. It is held in place by the stub end of a screw that protrudes through the head of the base pin into a corresponding indent in the barrel. Extremely rigid, tight tolerances and they all have a “lube groove” cut in them to keep the cylinder turning even during an extended session at the range. 

Trigger Pull — On production guns the trigger pulls will range from 3.5 to 5 pounds. On Precision Center guns they are stone and fit to 2.5 to 3 pounds with minimum creep. 

Sights — Rear sights are the same configuration as the Ruger revolvers. Many after-market rear sights will fit the BFR. Front sights are machined by Magnum in four heights and anodized flat black. The four heights accommodate all shooting styles, barrel lengths and calibers. All sights are interchangeable with each BFR's. Some big recoiling calibers are shipped with two front sights to accommodate the individuals shooting styles and bullet weights. 

Grips — All production BFR's are equipped with black rubber two-piece grips that surround the grip frame. The Precision Center can fit white or black Micarta two-panel “cowboy” grips on a new revolver we are building for you or we can retrofit them to a BFR you already own. Some shooters prefer to let the single action gun “rock” as they fire it. These Micarta grips allow for that style of shooting and they look fantastic. We do carry the black Micarta grips and the Pau Ferro wooden grips on our website. 

Strength — The BFR is designed as a magnum revolver. It is NOT a conversion from a smaller gun to a magnum cartridge. Magnum Research has selected four types of stainless steel in the manufacture of our BFR revolver. It is large and heavy intentionally. The extra weight makes shooting some of the big calibers easier by reducing Newton's Law.