Alessi Talon Plus IWB Holster

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The most totally functional, basic, inside-the-waistband holster on the market. Works reliably with or without a belt using our successful talon nyclip. Superior to conventional metal clips currently available because of its super strength and total reliability. Unlike metal spring clip, the tension of the nyclip will always remain the same unless intentionally snapped. No metal to rust or plating to flake off.The Talon Plus hook design prevents accidental removal from the belt. Injection molded glass re-enforced nylon. The holster's hand molded sight channel protects the front sight. The Talon holster has a 5°cant. This makes for a very fast draw. The Talon Plus differs from the standard Talon by the addition of a strip of leather at the mouth of the holster to aid in reholstering.

Fits Kahr PM9/CM9and MK9 Series. Right hand. Black only.

Manufactured by Alessi Holsters Each Holster is Hand Made in the U.S.A