Alessi Talon Plus IWB Holster

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The most totally functional, basic, inside-the-waistband holster on the market.

  • Works reliably with or without a belt;
  • Talon nyclip, superior to conventional metal clips because of its super strength and total reliability.
  • Tension of the nyclip will always remain the same unless intentionally snapped.;
  • No metal to rust or plating to flake off.
  • The Talon Plus hook design prevents accidental removal from the belt.;
  • Injection molded, glass re-enforced nylon.;
  • Hand molded sight channel protects the front sight.;
  • The Talon holster has a 5°cant for a very fast draw.;
  • The Talon Plus differs from the standard Talon by the addition of a strip of leather at the mouth of the holster to aid in reholstering.
  • Black
  • Fits Kahr PM9/CM9 and MK9 Series.
  • Manufactured by Alessi Holsters Each Holster is Hand Made in the U.S.A